Palestinian elderly dies due to Israeli siege of village

A 6 day siege of a Palestinian village in the occupied West Bank by the Israeli army has led to the death of a 65 year old man. Adel Muhammad Amarnah died after Israeli forces prevented him from leaving the town to receive urgent medical treatment at hospital. The victim, from the village of Yaabad was being rushed to hospital in Jenin when his car was stopped and the Israeli soldiers ordered him to 'go back to where he came from'. A funeral was held today for Amarnah, however due to the Israeli siege on the town, no visitors or press were allowed to enter. Jamal Jumaa from Stop the Wall Human rights association said the Israeli road blocks and checkpoints have become a humanitarian issue which has led to hundreds of deaths in previous few years. The siege on the village of Yaabad began one week ago, when soldiers erected tents to surround the village under the pretext of security. There are over 100 permanent checkpoints in the West Bank, however Israelis have also erected hundreds of flying checkpoints leading to severe movement restrictions and forbidding Palestinians from accessing roads that remain open to Israeli settlers. This is the second recent incident of its kind at an Israeli checkpoint, as a young Palestinian girl died in November after she was not permitted to pass the checkpoint by Israeli soldiers. According to human rights groups, between 2000-2005, 67 women were forced to give birth at Israeli checkpoints which led to 36 infant deaths.

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