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Evolution of Life on Planet Mars Fossils on Planet MARS NASA Images


David Attenborough Origins First Life is the first half to the video which is broken to help explain the fossilisation that we see on Planet Mars. Life on Mars was evident all over the dead planet. planet Mars had water and habital conditions a long time ago. Djorbitek youtube channel links Earths Evolution to Planet Mars. Trace fossils, dinosaurs, reptilians, fish, marine fossil, fossil bones, skull on Mars, Face on Planet MARS, humanoids on MARS, lizard on MARS, Turtle on MARS. Fossils everywhere on the Red Planet MARS Fossils on MARS MARS Fossils

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  • Ontherock#

    Ontherock January 11, 2014 5:03:30 PM CET

    wow ,,excellent video,,,great information on early life on earth,,,,this is very close to home for me,,as I live on the west coast of Newfoundland,,Mistaken Point is an amazing place,,,I feel very privalged to live on the rock that so long ago was the place that early life was taking hold on earth so far below the water,,,
    great stuff comparing the fossils with the pics from Mars,,,they are obviously simalar and very telling on the evidence for life on other planets in our solar system,,,,
    thakns for posting,,,

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