The Secret of Secrets

  • Uploaded by Malogg on Jan 1, 2014
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An analysis of recent events and a staggering Revelation! See how the Sun's effect on Radioactive decay on Earth is related to the coming shift in Consciousness. Clarifications: I have received a few emails questioning the stability of Carbon-7 and thus the impossibility of it existing. Although I do mention that Carbon-7 (C7) "quickly decays to other stabler forms of matter" implying of its extreme instability, I realize I should have gone further to say a few more words on its instability. Although I was aware of its extreme instability and radioactive nature, I did not want to go into it in any detail, since I feared it would be a digression. When it was revealed to me, some years back, about this wondrous material, I was not privy to all the finer details. Even after the release of this video, more details have been disclosed to me. To clarify, yes, it is indeed extremely unstable. But under certain conditions it can exist. I am not at liberty to disclose those conditions as yet, since the time has not come for C7 to be produced on a large scale. Mankind has not yet reached a stage of maturity to handle something as powerful as C7. The other question some have asked is why I used a computer voice. Some have even suggested that I might be an Extraterrestrial alien who uploaded this file using Wifi! :-D The reason I used a computer voice, which was directly generated from text, was when I created this video, I was living in a place that was quite noisy. If I had used my voice, there would have been a lot of extraneous noise. Therefore I decided to use a computer voice. I have a few videos on my channel, where I have used my own voice.

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