Fireboards: Skateboarding on Fire (2000FPS Slow Motion)

  • Uploaded by Extraett on Jan 1, 2014
  • Views: 51

I have to give kudos to Jonathan and Jason Bastian for their level of control under pressure. Despite their boards and obstacles having been set ablaze, they were able to pulls some crazy tricks. Make sure to check out Jonathan's recent part in BURN: A Slow Motion Thanks so much to Tom Rhys from Raven Underground for providing the music on this edit. He has some amazing music so make sure to check out his album at Shomsky helped a ton with high-speed camera operation on this project and has a more extensive Fire Boards edit dropping very soon so make sure to check out his channel @ thanks to Charles Fultz for his help with the fire aspects of this piece! Check out his work with the Zombie Go Boom crew @ was shot on a Sony FS700 and an NAC HX-1 high-speed camera at frame rates between 240fps and 2000fps. Thanks to Kent Peterson from NAC for coming out with the camera!: Darren DykCamera Operation: Darren Dyk, Adam

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