12/31/2013 -- New Dutchsinse Radio Show Preview ! 30min clip of "Freedom Frequency 1871"

  • Uploaded by Dutchsense on Jan 1, 2014
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Friday Nights just got MUCH more interesting!Every Friday night, I will be hosting a new radio show called "Freedom Frequency 1871" , beginning THIS Friday , January 3, 2014 !! 8-10pm (EST) !!!Direct link to the new shows website here: / Hosted by the FPRN network: to tonights (Dec 31st) 30 minute show preview here: forward, plan on the show being LIVE (with call in capability) each and every Friday night, 8pm - 10pm EST ... directly before "Lies Wide Open". Link to Lies Wide Open show here (recommended!) ___________subscribe for future updates to Dutchsinse, Tatoott, and FPRN radio:FPRN radio youtube -- -- --

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