2014 Illuminati: All Seeing Eye On Display At Sydney, Australia New Years Eve Celebrations

2014 Illuminati: All Seeing Eye On Display At Sydney, Australia New Years Eve Celebrations Sydney greets 2014 with an 11-minute extravagant display of Illuminati Masonic symbolism fireworks from the iconic opera house and harbour bridge. Google's Illuminati Themed New Year's Eve and Sydney, Australia's All Seeing Eye Fireworks Show To cap 2013, the tech giant has chosen an Illuminati theme for its New Year's Eve celebrations. A similar theme was adopted for Sydney's new year ceremony earlier today, with the all seeing eye used to celebrate "one community" and "one shared vision." Sydney's New Year's Eve Celebration "Shine": Big Brother is Watching You. Sydney, Austrailia is ringing in the New Year with a festival called "Shine". Every year they change their theme, and this year "shine" is meant to symbolize Sydney, referring to the way the sun shines on Sydney's harbor. That's the official story anyway. The real story says something very different. According to the Shine official site, a "Creative Ambassador" is responsible for this year's theme. Reg Mombassa, a New Zealand born musician and artist, created the festival's creepy ads and merchandise. And he most likely had lots of help coming up with the all seeing eye theme. The following pics can be found on their website and they all pretty much promote an all seeing eye, New World order society, with Big Brother watching. What strides does the NWO plan to make this year? In Sydney in particular? The mixture of all seeing eyes along with a bit of sun worship thrown in only points to one direction, one conclusion: The New World Order and their mystery Occult Religion puts Lucifer, the Light Bearer, at the center of it all, especially with the Harbor of Light Parade. Buy your New World Order memorabilia today. Reg Mombassa, the artist behind Sydney's 2013 New Year's Eve, said he wanted to use this year's fireworks to look inside people's heads. But before he painted the sky with an absurdist vision of celestial shapes and movement, what people were thinking was as clear as the day that had burned bright and long. Sydney was a city getting ready to celebrate, closely, together. About 1.6 million people were expected to flood the harbour foreshore to catch a glimpse of the eight-hour show. It culminated at midnight: blinking over the harbour was an enormous ''all-seeing eye'' designed by the event's creative ambassador, Mombassa, which was the centrepiece light effect on the bridge. The theme of Sydney's New Year's Eve celebration was ''Shine''. It lived up to its name. The Theme -- Shine In 2013, Sydney New Year's Eve will Shine. The all seeing, ever-sparkling eye symbolises one community and one shared vision to live a harmonious, stimulating, exciting life in a city that allows every individual the opportunity look to the future with optimism... and to Shine. CHANGING a light bulb for one of the world's biggest celebrations is not as simple as using a ladder. It involves a crane and heights of up to 60m to change the light fitting. That's exactly what the masterminds and technicians of Sydney's New Year Eve fireworks show have been doing the last couple of nights to make sure everything goes off without a hitch. NYE 2013: OUR GUIDE TO THE BEST PLACES TO SEE THE FIREWORKS The dress rehearsals have given lucky Sydneysiders the first glimpse of what the brilliant sky show will look like as bright coloured lights and an image that resembled an eye have lit up the Harbour Bridge for the Bridge Effect spectacle in the last week. Strings of lights have been tested including the new use of colour changing LED tubes that will sparkle over the harbour. Fireworks New Year's Eve producer Aneurin Coffey said they had found a small section of rope lights of about 3m that had blown. "No one will really notice but we want it to be perfect," Mr Coffey said. "Everything is going well, there have minor repairs but we are pleased with how it's working." While he remained tight lipped on what was going to be featured on the night, Mr Coffey said the Bridge Effect would be 72m long _ twice as wide as it had been in previous years. But what those battling the crowds ringside Sydney Harbour can expect is an AC/DC tribute where the bands popular anthem Thunderstruck is featured in the soundtrack for the midnight http://www.ufosandalienlife.blogspot.com

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