I Am Done

  • Uploaded by Kanaeta on Jan 2, 2014
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Last Opportunity To JOIN The Silver Shield Report http://dont-tread-on.me/?p=31910 I am done expending any energy on things outside of my control and will only focus my energy on the abundant opportunities and friends in my real life. Here is where I am doing going forward. 1. New Silver Coin Series 2. Introduce Fractional Silver, Copper, and Gold to the New Series 3. Introduce a New Silver Exchange to challenge FeeBay 4. The Great Truth Never Told epic novel 5. Last Opportunity to join the Silver Shield Report http://dont-tread-on.me/?p=31910 6. Special Edition Coins and New Secondary Series 7. The Ultimate Exit Strategy- Silver Bank, Commodity Backed Crypto Currency and Silver Equitable Fund.

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