This is the lost episode, it was deleted a long time ago by Youtube with out a genuine reason as to everyone has a great new year in SUBSCRIBE & JOIN THE FAMILY. Please follow us on twitter at like our facebook page at #!/pages/Dorset-Ghost-Investigators/259833150723729Our website is are two #Ghosthunters that have completed 78 ghost hunts at the #Mosthaunted locations around have had some good and bad experiences over the last 3 years, we've experiences real possessions, we've come across what people believe to be demons or jinns or even the 've had many #Supernatural experiences over the years that we can prove and cannot be 've experienced #ParanormalActivity inside many haunted buildings around the UK which we believe are #Spirits of the dead, which some call # tried out a lot of different equipment like Thermal imaging cameras, Night vision camcorders, Ovilus 3, PSB7 Spirit box, Franks Ghost box, RT-EVP Recorder, Sony DS40 Dictaphones, Dowsing rods, Geo Pod, Parascope, K2 Emf Meter, HVL-IRM Infrared lights, Ouija Board, Pendulums, Trigger Objects, Motion have investigated the Most Haunted Castles, Some of the scariest locations around England, Like Pendle Hill, Tyneham Village, Pluckley Village, Pluckley Railway, Dudley Castle, Clitheroe Castle, Langtry Manor Hotel, Rose Crown Hotel, Crown Hotel in Poole, Boot inn pub in weymouth, Barley Mow pub in wimborne, Dorset County Museum, Roman Town House, Eclipse inn Pub, Nothe Fort, Salisbury Cathedral, Stonehenge, Old Sarum, Winchester Castle, Winchester Cathedral, Sherborne Castle, Corfe Castle, Titchfield Abbey, Lulworth Cove, Maiden Castle, St Thomas Church, St Nicholas Church,Skerryvore, Salisbury Guildhall, Netley Abbey, St Peters Church, St Andrews Church, Christchurch Castle, Christchurch Priory, Constables House, New Forest, Sherborne Abbey, Badbury Rings, Icen way, Bournemouth Town Hall, Boscombe Art Centre,Hengistbury Head, Screaming Woods Avebury plan on going to the Ancient Ram inn soon, as it's been mentioned that a Incubus or Sucubus is around that building. We will be filming 100s of new episodes over the next few years, Please subscribe to our youtube channel for real life paranormal investigation episodes released regularly only on 've had teams Like #GhostAdventures praise our work, With #ZakBagans saying we would be huge loss to the #Paranormal community if we were taken off Youtube, We've had #GhostHunters producers Pilgrim Studios, try to take our evidence down and claim it to be there are two men who are dedicated in showing your what really exists in this world, please join us on this journey, we never show our faces on camcorder ever! to prove to you that we are don't do this for personal fame as you see these days, that is a promise we made 3 years ago and have never broke are the real deal and always will be!One day we would like to investigate every country around the world, no matter how haunted the buildings or locations are, we will be ready!Buildings on the DGI future List are, the Tower of London, Raynham Hall, Rolling Hills Asylum, The Whaley House, The Stanley Hotel, The White House, Sallie House, Highgate Cemetery, Leap Castle, Chillingham Castle, Athelhampton Hall, Edinburgh Vaults, Belgrave Hall, Hell Fire Caves, Tutbury Castle, Jamaica Inn, Bodmin Jail, Thank You for watchingDorset Ghost InvestigatorsGlen and credit to:Kevin MacLeod ()".Licensed under Creative Commons "Attribution "

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