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Breakdown - Salinas Crop Circle Discovery


  • SamH#

    SamH January 3, 2014 11:53:27 AM CET

    He speaks of proof that this is man-made, BS!!! He's stupid and naive...

  • SamH#

    SamH January 3, 2014 11:53:25 AM CET

    He speaks of proof that this is man-made, BS!!! He's stupid and naive...


    TLWINDER January 3, 2014 9:51:01 AM CET

    the rows of 1 yard across are not from the boards, how naive or blind? Remember this is in a crop circle, right?, so arent crops layed out in rows? maybe even 3 feet wide rows? just saying, any kind of so called "proof" that uses rows as evidence for it being manmade is some seriously flawed logic, considering the field is already in rows when they start their crop circle, of course there's gonna be some damn rows. good lord a mighty man.

  • ryang351#

    ryang351 January 2, 2014 9:19:08 AM CET

    i take it your one of those non believers that have never seen a ufo and only cares about money and material things type ppl, well fyi your type is the reason why we dont have full disclosure..LAME !get over it they're here!! and if you havent seen foryourself its for good reason, mainly we share our thoughts with them so your skeletons in your closet is exposed to them all the time... SO anyways this cropcicle has multiple meanings with most undiscovered yet by man, some of the explinations i have been privlaged in receiving and i will share with you to help your condition! the meaning behind the braile writing is a clue that shows how we cannot see what they are writing about with our naked eye , 192 l b has lots of meanings some the media has guessed on,.. but the significant meaning is its a symbolic drawing of coordinates to their home planet 3000 lightyears away MOA-2007-BLG-192Lb we have yet to discover the 2 other planets in its solar orbit around the dim dwarf star this is for proof for when we do discover them (and since i am the 1st to discover this i get to name them, lets call them Jacob and Ryan) also the symbolic design is of a birds eye view of a pyramid structure on their planet showing the dimensions of their solarcycle the same way our own pyramids show our solar and lunar cycles through our pyramids dimensions not tobe confused with coincidence althou im sure you'll have difficulty believing even our own proclaimed discoveries ! seeing how you believe cropcircles are just hoaxes with guys with planks in the dark in a field of tall vegitation btw i'd love to see you try and fail at a attempt to draw a smiley face in a crop circle hoax let alone a massive intricate design with multiple meanings ,interpitations and accurate dimensions of solarcycles yet to be discoverd but anyways ..i hope this opens your mind so we can get pass disclosure but some how i have a sneaky feeling that your lack of intelligence has focused purely on my bad grammar and spelling get over it

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