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UFO 2014 - First Contact, January 1, Pittsburgh (USA) HD


Januari 1st, new year, a new sighting! The First UFO sighting provided by an amazing guy from Pittsburgh (USA). Multiple flashing orbs appear above his neighbourhood. I would like to thank Shawn Parry for sharing this with the UFO community!! I have a full written aproval by the original uploader!!Visit his amzing channel filed with multiple UFO sightings:(Music Created and produced by LOCKTITE1000)GREY ALIENS CAUGHT ON TAPE. MILLION VIEWS AND COUNTING! CAUGHT ON TAPE (AMAZING FOOTAGE) HD 'ALIENS BUGS' DISCOVERED IN EARTH'S SIGHTINGS OVER HOLLAND, AMAZING FOOTAGE!!! 2013 - THE CONSPIRACY CONNECTION (HD)'S MOON BOMBING, MY PERSONAL RECORDING!! WITH ALL MY VIDEOS:

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  • RATRODROB#online

    RATRODROB January 3, 2014 10:14:39 AM CET

    a good capture fckd up with shit sound over, whats wrong with just the original sound so we can hear whats goin on instead of some stupid music crap

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