Sikh Temple Shooter - Revealed as FAKE - The Secret Truth

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Sikh Temple Shooter - Revealed as FAKE - The Secret TruthInvestigation into the fake story and real background of the supposed "Sikh Temple Shooter", Wade Michael Page. The government run media did very little investigation into who Page really was, or whether the government press releases were true. Unverified information propagated through the media echo chamber, as has been usual in the past. Here you will see unfiltered documentation about the history of Page. You will see how this information fits neatly into a framework of past fakes. This lays a froundation for further revelations and discovery about the Sikh Temple shooting, and related events. See "The Fake Death Industry" on YouTube and other sites for more information on how death can be faked by criminals within government structures. See "Navy Yard Investigation Leads to the Truth About Stockton" for background on the possible connection between the Arapahoe "shooting", and the supposed Stockton school shooting in Resources;=============== Yard Investigation Leads to the Truth About Stockton -- TAGS:Wade Page, Wade M Page, Karl Pierson, Arapahoe, Sikh, Sikh Temple, Arapahoe school, SWAT, second amendment, lockdown, crisis actors, staged, school shooting, Homeland Security, victims, DHS, Stockton, Stockton School Shooting, Patrick Purdy, California gun laws, Sandy Hook, AK-47, witnesses, eyewitness, shotgun, 911, false flag, testimony, drill, Navy Yard Shooting, staged, gun control, AR-15, Michael Arnold, Tracy Murphy, Claire Davis, handgun, shotgun, Barack Obama, white house, navy, Alexis, Mary Knight, attack, bombing, false flag, EMC, John Kerry, government, Christian Williams, police, death records, charity, public relations, PR, government sponsored, ihop, mihop, operation gladio, sandy hook, batman massacre, investigation, controlled explosion, terror, reality check, fear, staged terror attacks, constitution, privacy, bill of rights, oligarchs, media, media coverage, programming, psyop, patcon, history, Barack Obama, David Yepez, stooge, patsy, Sarah Girouard, shadow government, nwo, oligarchy, elitists, FBI, Adrianne Haslet, trauma, emergency, Adam Davis, boston marathon, injuries, fake injuries, killed, false flag, false flag attack, Sydney Corcoran, staged attack, moulage, deception, boston marathon, marathon, boston police, Marilyn Kight, EMT

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