'Poet For Sale' [Dævid Allen @ Planet Gong]

David Allen and Planet Gong
Poet For Sale:

Poet for sale,
a real life person for sale.
Buy now!
I have my values,
clothing no extra charge.
Buy now and save yourself trouble,
get a gnoom for your home,
get an angel in a taxi-cab,
get a corpse in a London bus.
Buy me, buy me! Oh yes.
And I will love you, love you.
Buy me and I will love you.
And you, you great fat corporate slut, sold my mental peace.
You who want to run the country, brainwash me, baby
brainwash me CNN, brainwash me Bill Gates.
Clean my brain of your plate, oh mystic angel.
Brainwash me
With my poetry all I can do is speak to you, now. So here I am, I am a poet for sale!

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