Gong Live 2013: 'You + Angel's Egg Medley' [São Paulo]

The songs are:
Flute Salad 00:00
Oily Way 06:03
Outer Temple 09:23
Inner Temple 13:26
Master Builder 18:46

24th and 25th of May of 2013, nights of beautiful full moons, GonG performed two fantastic concerts at São Paulo's SESC Belenzinho venue in Brazil. This recording was of the show I was fortunate to able to attend on May 24th where I was surprised by this great 'Angel's Egg' and 'You' meddly. (I even got to sing Oily Way on Dævid Allen's mic)
Almost exactly one year after the first night I ever saw an incarnation of GonG (In 2012 Gong Global Family played in São Paulo's 'Virada Cultural' mega festival) this repeat was even better. I'm so grateful that such great music is still alive.

Gong are:
Dævid Allen - guitar, vocals
Dave Sturt - bass
Fabio Golfetti - guitar
Ian East - sax, flute
Orlando Allen - drums

Sorry for the sporadic shaking and spasms, but GonG music does that to you...
Please, have a cup of tea and enjoy!

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