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The song Calling you, calling me, will soon be available on Maggie's website .. and can be downloaded from Itunes, all proceeds will go to helping the children screaming to be heard. SMOKE AND MIRRORS: IS THE UK HIDING THE "NUMBER" OF CHILDREN HAVING PASSED AWAY IN STATE CARE October 13, 2013 at 11:58pm By R. Fairhurst © 2013 LONDON - Factual and accurate information concerning children who have died in care is not readily available and is by no means a straight forward process to obtain. One would assume the information is recorded as all other data is, however, it is not. National statistics do not reveal the annual numbers of children who have died while in the care of the state. Figures available for England,Scotland, Ireland and Wales are all held on separate data bases, the figures below are for England alone. However there are currently over 90,000 looked after children in care in the UK. Numbers revealed 2008, 2009, 2010 an even number of 50 with a drop to 40 in 2012 and up to 60 in 2013. When asked why the numbers were consistent and rounded the National statistics office explained publishing unrounded figures could lead to the identity of the child if the data was split and crossed with geographic statistics and tables of locations. This may reveal the odd number and the identity of the child which would be a breach of data protection. Statistics for children who have died while NOT in care are disclosed; however when requesting information from local councils under the freedom of information Act councils reply by stating the information is exempt from disclosure under section 40(2) of the freedom of information Act. Disclosure rules are set in accordance with the code of practice for official statistics. This is statutory code published under the section 10 of the statistics and registration and service Act 2007 which applies to all UK official statistics. Principle 5practice 1 of the code states "Ensure that official statistics do not reveal the identity of an individual or organisation, or any private information relating to them, taking into account other relevant sources of information".

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