ISON DEBRIS Striking Earth NOW - Huge Increase in Meteors December!

Huge numbers of Meteors have been hitting Earth in the month of December. Some believe it is from Comet Ison. However there was a ten percent Increase of meteor strikes in the entire Year 2013. What is about to happen in 2014, will January bring a larger number of meteors or perhaps a massive strike on a city? Earth is now going through that part of the Galaxy where these meteors and comets live. It is only a matter of time before one large enough to do great damage will occur. Living in the low lying coastal areas or large cities is not safe anymore friends. Hurricanes and natural disasters are coming at greater intervals and greater strengths. We all need to be prepared for the big one! What has caused such a massive number of fireballs in the sky the last month of 2013? Was December only a mere taste of what January 2014 will bring?

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