Earthquakes and the Solar System

  • Uploaded by sundoom on Jan 6, 2014
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1) Magnetic Polarity Data: -- it has stopped updating since 11/23/2013. 2) Jupiter opposes the sun now, and Venus conjoins Mercury on January 8th. Anyone see that coronal hole coming in now? 3) There are some things you cannot un-see. If indeed the IMF and coronal holes are quake factors as I suggested for 2 years, then the underlying magnetics of the sun MUST be relevant to seismicity. I THOUGHT I was going to find an answer to the baffling quake droughts! ...I'm still in shock at how perfectly this ) Today's news will appear on the website only, in a few hrs, going back to sleep. Be safe : : (Click Daily News for all the Charts/Interactives)Major Warnings/Alerts: memberships for others: Shop: music by NEMES1S [Get NEMES1S Music!]

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