Be Still , I Am Satsang with Ramana Maharshi

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"Seek for the source of the doubter and you will find that he is really non-existent." "Doubter ceasing, Doubts will Cease." Peace&Love Subscribe Share a smile All video was edited from "Ramana Maharshi - Abide as the Self" . If you would like to watch the full documentary, which contains rich descriptions of Ramana's life and teaching please follow the link bellow Ramana Maharshi's official facebook can be found here. . updates of photos and timeless quotesLet there be peace among all beings of the universe. Let there be peace. Let there be of Content 3:00 Self-enquiry directly leads to Self-realization 4:16 Solitude is in the mind 5:45 Self-surrender is the same as Self-Knowledge 7:21 That which rises in this body as 'I" is the mind 9:45 Steady determination is what is required 12:00 Give up regarding the unreal as real 13:20 Realization is simply being one's Self 15:45 Final Words ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Gate , Gate, Paragate, Parasongate, Bodhi, Svaha!!Gone , Gone , Completly Gone , Completly Gone Beyond , Enlightened , Hail ! The Mantra of Prajnaparmita contained in the Heart Sutra

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