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1/8/2014 -- Seafood Radiation Test 42.8CPM in Wild Alaskan Salmon - higher than expected

Add this channel to your youtube news feed by clicking here: Alaskan Salmon Seafood count (burger/patty) , radiation return from this Alaskan Salmon Burger is HIGHER than tests done directly on the Pacific which returned about level is 100CPM. Meaning the fish is returning almost HALF of alert level, and for sure higher than "background". Past tests can be seen linked Alaskan fish (salmon) is returning and , plus a steady return between and mR/hr on the CDV (civil defense) beta counter. See the pacific ocean radiation test : here: ALL my previous video tests : means small particles of radioactive material are in Alaskan precipitation and water. The fish consume the particles either via food, or direct inundation of radiation in the water. The radioactive waste stored above Fukushima Nuclear Reactor blew sky high, into tiny particles, which will continue to come down via precipitation over a long period of time (all around the world). Alaska was directly in the line of the jet stream pattern after the 2011 reactor explosion at TEPCO. Several past storms across the midwest US have produced actual HIGH from 60CPM to 110CPM ! Last year in 2012, did multiple tests of the snow, and hail, showing alert levels were reached last precipitation radiation connection (increases as the precip. falls) , is even greater in Alaska, and across the Pacific those tests here:'s test:Performed one (double counter) 10 minute count, using two inspector alert geiger counters , and one CDV counter -- 01/08/2014 , 1/4 inch from CPM (428 total) over the course of 10 minutes on one counter ... CPM (374 total) on the second level is normally at 100CPM (1000 total). ---I have assembled radiation links from around the world to use here, plus two good charts to show exposure level limits: thanks to International Medcom for donating the 2nd Inspector Alert digital Geiger counter: here is the full post with their information .. CPM to uS/v or mS/v here:

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