M T Keshe the Iranian Physicist based in Belgium has made an important and challenging statement on his website/forum calling for 2014 to be the year that new technologies will be released to the public. This was a live event broadcast via livestream and now available here. We were joined by Physicist, Richard Alan Miller, Matthew Stein, author of When Technology Fails, and Mike Harris, talk show host with a background in science working for Motorola... This covers key elements of Keshe's approach and his team effort to work with the Japanese and Tepco to clean up the radiation from this near Extinction Level Event. Keshe wrote: ..."By the end of December we will make sure, that there are no grounds for disruption for space travels on regular bases from all the nations on this planet that all shall harvest the reaches of the universe collectively and equally. Those who have doubts about our work, be ready to become soldiers of the peace and unity before the end of this year." Keshe goes on to list how he and his foundation will end world hunger, provide clean water, free energy and his first order of business will be to repair the destruction created by the Fukushima disaster. This is a major statement of intent and no doubt a casting down of the guantlet to challenge the NWO that their rule has ended. I encourage you to watch my previous interviews with this fascinating scientist and courageous man. M T Keshe http://keshefoundation.org/ http://forum.keshefoundation.org/forum/keshe-official/30510-2014-the-yea... Project Camelot has interviewed MT Keshe twice: Note: We need both of these important interviews transcribed asap. Please contact me if you are able to do so: kerry@projectcamelot.tv Put the words "KESHE transcription" in the subject line. GO HERE FOR THE MOST RECENT INTERVIEW WITH KESHE: DECEMBER 7, 2012 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9DFC_L9RGKY GO HERE FOR MY FIRST INTERVIEW WITH KESHE : APRIL 23, 2012 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9DFC_L9RGKY&list=UU2na0DRywwQrXeodGmCt63Q... Kerry Cassidy Project Camelot http://projectcamelot.org

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