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Fukushima Was an Inside Job - David Icke


  • howardlewis902#

    howardlewis902 February 2, 2014 11:43:03 PM CET

    Fukushima was conceived, designed, sited, built, fueled, commissioned, inspected, and put on line by U.S. business interests. 100 feet of cliff was cut down to 15 feet above high tide at a site which had experienced 6 tsunamis in just the past 80 years which were over 24 feet. All spent fuel over the past 40 years was stored in brittle cement ponds on top of the reactors, which makes as much sense as storing gasoline over your stove in your kitchen. Emergency cooling was redundant, but the Stuxnet computer virus, which specializes in controlling Siemens water delivery switching systems, appears to have shut water off to cooling pumps, which overheated and burned out these pumps, which is what could be expected for most all water pumps in everything from automobiles to municipal flow controls.
    All media ignores this and sits back allowing the Bush criminal cabal to continue the flow of radioactive isotopes into the oceans at a rate of hundreds of tons of solution a day. meanwhile the ignorant, half dead sheeple stay ignorant by choice, awaiting the bearded man in the sky to swoop down to rescue their stupid hides, and spit in the faces of those in the know. It is all very touching to me.
    I bailed out of constructing nuclear fission plants in 1975 for the very reason we see today. Hundreds of plants around the world are lethally corroded beyond their useful service date and those in power are too stupid to react rationally.
    A Super bowl for cretins, Darwinian style. I think the Agenda 21 people are proving their point, and THEY are the morons who built these plants and profitted from them.

  • adamzi#

    adamzi January 10, 2014 12:43:53 PM CET

    thank you Mr Icke..

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