CENSORED VIDEO Pilot Says Chemtrails are necessary Evil Face+Voice NOW OBSCURED YouTube 240p]

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Here we go again friends 3rd time lucky cant keep the truth concealed download and share far and 4 ALLmirrored from UniBrowStudioVision Published on 22 Oct 2013Edited version to obscure pilots face and voice. they just warned me of a possible violation- instead of fighting them. I will read what possibly will be upsetting such as MAYBE the pilot is on his off days making rounds on YT to file complaints b/c his face is shown, SO I WILL OBSCURE HIS FACE. THIS IS NOT OVER. - Watch for then copy that says Chemtrails are a necessary EvilThis video is being censored all over the internet, only web sites that host the video allow I had to make a short on this video to show and I ASK WHY IS THIS MATERIAL BEING CENSORED? It violates no youtube agreement. NOT ONE. Enjoy it, mirror it and make it I know its not new, but the fact that it is being taken down all over the yt community is the reason why this video needs to be mirrored and as many times as possible. SOMEONE doesn't want this getting out because it contradicts the contrail water vapor story as heard by the chemtrails are a necessary evil. The face of the pilot has been obscured along with everyone else including Project Lights Out with Hans Oellers- who originally made the video and granted permission to HAVE MY PERMISSION TO COPY AND DISTRIBUTE THIS VIDEO. -John Massaria also visit: for more on the history of chemtrails and More Visit:

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