Earthquakes in past day hit right by where Mysterious booms have been reported in the news recently!

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In the past day there has been earthquakes in Massachusetts, Pennsylvania and South each of those very locations mysterious booms have been reported nearby recently as further than 20 miles report: - Cranston, Rhode Island Occurred 12/30"Did A Loud Boom Just Shake Your House?""Just before 8 Monday morning, residents throughout Cranston felt a boom that rattled windows, shook houses and sent car alarms and pets into a frenzy.",88670Earthquake - Freetown, #summaryBooms - Dover, PennsylvaniaOccurred 1/1"many people reported hearing it, and some said their houses shook. It happened around 3 ""He checked Millersville University's seismograph, and he saw little blips on it throughout the afternoon, including 3:01 " in wellsville, Pa 11/30 - Conestoga, #summaryBooms - Summerville, South Carolina Occurred 12/4"A loud boom was heard by people from the Isle of Palms to Summerville Wednesday around 5:30. Several also said they felt the ground and their houses shake." Earthquake - Centerville, South earthquake was exactly in the area the booms occurred. #summary

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