Joe Rogan Podcast #310 - Neil deGrasse Tyson (Astrophysicist)

Astrophysicist Neil deGrasse Tyson talks conspiracies, origins of the universe/life, end of the world scenarios, the Apollo 11 moon landing hoax, and general awesomeness related to nature and outer Rogan Podcast #310 - Neil deGrasse Tyson (Astrophysicist)Enjoy and don't forget to comment/like/subscribe!Support Us by Buying Video Games from Our Game Shop! GuyGirlGaming on for Live Streaming! GuyGirlGaming on Facebook! The Guy on Steam! to GuyGirlGaming! for 250+ other Videos by the Guy and the Girl! Games/Series:Dead FrontierReal Life AdventuresProphesy of Pendor - M&B Warband ModRome at War - M&B Warband ModSkyrimCo-op TerrariaMinecraft - The Continuous BuildThe Girl Dead FrontierDate NightThe Last Stand: Union CityWar of the RosesKilling FloorWTF Are We Playing?Don't StarveLivestreams

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