Hong Kong's Lion Rock Comes to Life

Lion Rock, is a famous hill in Hong Kong and it is famous for its shape which resembles a crouching lion. On december 22, around 2pm local time numerous people witnessed lion rocks' eyes turn red. Here is a photo of lion rock and where it's eyes would be it does look like it's glowing red. Local media the Epoch Times reports that this strange phenomenon occurred for about 30 minutes and during those 30 minutes, witnesses say the lion's head itself was moving as if the lion actually came to life and the Lion's eyes slowly turned red twice. According to witness Ah Zhen who snapped these photos from her eye phone"The eyes moved like a cloth, slowing changing to red and then back to normal then red again, this happened twice."Now adding to this already bizzare phenomenon is the fact that there is a Chinese legend called, when the stone lion's eyes turn red. Its a story about a kind hearted old woman who learned from Bodisafa that a huge flood is about to engulf her village and boddisafa told her to look at the stone lion sitting outside her village and when the lion's eyes turn red, thats when the flood is about to arrive. So the women warned the villagers and they were able to escape this lot of locals know of this legend and of course are concerened whether this means that disaster will fall upon Hong

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