Hundreds Report Bright Fireball over Iowa Sky

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Hundreds Report Bright Fireball over Iowa Sky According to a news report from Iowa, hundreds of people have reported a bright colorful fireball in Iowa at around 5:40 p.m. on Thursday night. Many people reported to the American Meteor Society after they saw the bright light fireball over the Iowa sky. Kurt Kotenberg, of the National Weather Service, said that their team is searching on the reports sent by people from the Iowa, Illinois, Indiana, Missouri and Tennessee. The most interesting fact is that after the streak of bright light in the Iowa sky, people also reported Venus after sunset in the clear sky. According to KSDK, thousands of such types of fireballs are seen across the day. It said that although, that fireball is not a meteor shower, it could more likely be a 'shooting star'. It has been reported that the National Weather Service is still trying their level best to find out what the fireball actually was. They said that it will be hard to determine with very few information regarding the fireball. Security cameras installed on weather service facility managed to grab video of the event. Richard Miles, with the Science Center of Iowa, said that the fireball could be good sized bright meteor, but it could also be space debris. Steven Spangler, a professor of physics and astronomy at the University of Iowa, said: "We have been launching stuff up into space for 56 years now and some of that comes down in the form of space junk".

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