Is Sasquatch eating our kids? Part 1 of 3

Is Genoskwa/Sasquatch eating our kids? Please take note that David Paulides never claims that's Sasquatches are doing this.Sasquatch and Genoskwa have been abducting and eating native american women & children for thousands of years. Almost ALL native american tribes consider them as cannibalistic in nature and not to be trifled with. Read about it in Giants, Cannibals & Monsters: Bigfoot in Native Culture Sasquatch are hairy and very human like in the face. Their eyes glow greenish in a flashlights and car lights, and moon eye-shine. Genoskwa are same in size, hair, and large feet. But they are more ape/monkey like in the face. They sometimes cover them self's in mud and leaf litter to camouflage them self. Their eyes glow orangie-reddish in a flashlights and car lights, and moon eye-shine. Maybe the Genoskwa bred with native american women they've abducted over the years and now we have more human looking beings, know as a Sasquatch??? NO COPYRIGHT INFRINGEMENT INTENDED 100% Non Profit

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