The Third Secret of Fatima

More Videos here! The Third Secret of Fatima It is this channels belief after much research that this event did NOT come from God,but was evil in was giving these visions to the kids as well as setting up times to meet them would always be some ...

More Videos here! The Third Secret of Fatima It is this channels belief after much research that this event did NOT come from God,but was evil in nature.Whatever was giving these visions to the kids as well as setting up times to meet them would always be some cases up to a hour late."When the children started running to the tree we did that too... then we started to hear something. It sounded like a 'high frequency voice' (it's the only way I can translate this), but no one could understand a single word (if there was any). It was like the sound of bees." Maria Carreira, witness. Every time the "Lady" appeared, strange things happened at Fatima: a- Flashes of light in the sky. These even occurred during daylight, which made people think it was definitely a miracle. They were always seen right before she appeared over the tree. The Lady made her appearances around 12pm. There were lightning's in the sky and immediately after that, her image would appear over the tree, from bottom to top (like a curtain being pulled up). Jacinta and Francisco (the other two children) described the lightning's as "projections of a light... A light that was coming closer to us." b- Thunders... On the 13th of July and also August, people heard what they called "...the sound of thunders...","...the sound of an explosion...", others called it a whistling sound, or even "the sound of fireworks going up to the sky". Thunders...(In August, the Thundering noise was very loud. People fell on the ground and the earth shook. After this noise many people reported seeing a strange "fog or dust in the sky". This noise was so strong that it made people to fall on their knees. This is one of the main reasons that today people think they must knee in front Fatima's little statues, and 'walk' this way during many miles, until exhaustion or becoming seriously hurt in their knees. So much ignorance...) As we all know, these thunder noises aren't new to us: "Mixcouatl, the thundering serpent of the clouds." Aztec legend. "Thunderbirds which flew in the skies." North American Indians. "Tane, the god of Thunder." New Zealand. "Zeus, the owner of Thunder." "Rama and Bhima climb the skies in a mixture of fire and Thunders." Hindu legends. c- The sound of "many bees". This sound was always heard during the apparition. Needless to say that this is a typical UFO related sound. d- Strange clouds: d.1- The "Smoking Cloud". This 'cloud' which obviously isn't a cloud, was a very little one (perhaps the normal size of a UFO!), and 'travelled the sky'. It was grey and always stood over the tree. It was a "...walking cloud" !!! d.2- "Coloured clouds". These clouds "crossed the skies" on the other days of the months. They were seen very high in the sky, usually appeared white, and then changing colour to red, purple and yellow. Often travelled against the wind. These 'clouds' were described as "beautiful". Isn't a UFO a beautiful cloud?! e- Temperature variations. When "Our Lady" was there, the temperature decreased to a "nice and gentle breeze of fresh air". f- Normal daylight decreased intensity. This is how people described. The strongest light in the sky was the light around the image. g- The smell. Many people, including the three children reported that there was always an unusual smell in the air. They said that this smell had no comparison and that it was totally unknown to the people. Although, it was a pleasant smell. You just need to read some UFO sighting reports to find out that different smells, or in this case pleasant smells, are common. h- Unidentified objects flying in the sky. (I think I've heard that one before!) The first objects were reported during the month of August. Many people that never knew what a UFO was during their entire life, made these amazing descriptions: "it was some kind bright globe, spinning in the clouds." Manuel Marto, The Official Reports, 1923. "The clouds were big and colourful. And there was something inside them that shone very much, just like silver."Maria Carreira, Stella magazine (p21), May 1943. "At one o'clock, when the cloud faded, we all became amazed to see this beautiful silver globe, doing this little twist, and then zigzagging through the clouds. This happened for three times with 3 to 4 minutes of interval." Correio da Beira, 10th of November, 1917. "It was 1pm and the sun was descending on the sky" Joaquim Xavier Tuna, Arquivos Formigao, 13th of November, 1917. "When we were begging for the Queen of Heavens to appear, we saw this white oval shaped object in the sky. It was a bright white and this oval object had its largest and flat surface under it. It crossed the sky in a perfect straight line." (this is what we would call a flying saucer) Joel de Deus Magno, Jornal "A Guarda", Arquivos Formigao, 13 of September, 1919.

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