Moon Anomalies & Adam's Calendar 7/12

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Publisher and TV Producer Michael Tellinger discussed lunar anomalies and a new archeological discovery in South Africa which could reveal secrets of early man. "You've got to follow the clues and if you follow the clues, they will take you to a place that often makes you feel very uncomfortable but you've got to believe where your research takes you," he said regarding his research into lunar anomalies.

Tellinger discussed strange aspects of the moon which suggest that it is more than just a natural satellite which revolves around the Earth. He asserted that the idea that NASA simply ran out of money and stopped going to the moon "smells of a bunch of rubbish." He cited a number of oddities about the moon, including how astronauts spoke in code about UFOs seen there, instruments which picked up water vapor, and longstanding observations of lights on the lunar surface. On what the moon may really be, Tellinger suggested it is "most likely being used as a base for extraterrestrial craft."

"We have found something truly remarkable, truly unique, and most likely the oldest manmade structure on earth," he said of the South African site dubbed "Adam's Calendar" which his research indicates is around 75,000 years old. According to Tellinger, the site was "a circular structure, like Stonehenge" that featured rocks which aligned with "the cardinal geographical points of Earth" along with the solstices and equinoxes. He explained that the dating of the site was derived from the fact that it did not match up with the contemporary position of the Sun, thus via archaoastronomy they determined the age of the monument.

Speculating on what the site had been used for, Tellinger noted that four separate psychics had all given the same reading for "Adam's Calendar." He said that these consistent statements said that the area was the oldest structure on Earth, at least 75,000 years old, the site of much human sacrifice, and that it is "an active portal for extraterrestrials." He theorized that this portal may have been used by ETs in gold mining operations in the distant past, as the work of Zecharia Sitchen suggests.


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