Honest Action - Home Alone

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Become a Screen Junkie! you ever wondered how many lives your favorite action hero would really need to survive a movie? We asked an actual doctor to answer that question for us in Screen Junkies' new series "Honest Action." Next up, The Wet Bandits in Home a tip? Email us at - tips@ us on Facebook - us on twitter - can find all our Screen Junkies t-shirts here: Action: Home AloneSeries Created by Andy SignoreEdited by Dan MurrellMedical Consultant - Dr. Adam FriedlanderInjury Voiceover Narration: Stephanie RiggioIntroduction Voiceover Narration by Jon: Want to see your favorite action movies analyzed? Let us know what you'd like to see in the comments below! And check out our Honest Trailers:Honest Trailers: DRAGONBALL Trailers: THE HOBBIT: AN UNEXPECTED Trailers: HOME Trailers - MAN OF Trailers - Trailers - PACIFIC Trailers - THE WALKING Trailers - AFTER Trailers - THE Trailers - WORLD WAR Trailers - IRON MAN 3 Trailers - STAR TREK INTO Trailers - BREAKING Trailers - BATMAN & ROBIN: Trailers: X-MEN ORIGINS - WOLVERINE: Trailers - GROWN Trailers - INDEPENDENCE Trailers - THE LAST Trailers - FAST Trailers - STAR TREK (2009) Trailers - IRON MAN 2 Trailers: HARRY Trailers - JURASSIC Trailers - LES Trailers - TWILIGHT: BREAKING Trailers - THE Trailers - Trailers -- INDIANA JONES & THE KINGDOM OF THE CRYSTAL Honest Trailers - Trailers - THE LORD OF THE Trailers - THE DARK KNIGHT Trailers - THE AMAZING SPIDER- Trailers - PARANORMAL Trailers: Trailers - THE Trailers - THE HUNGER Trailers - THE DARK Trailers - Trailers - Trailers - Trailers - Trailers - THE PHANTOM you still reading this?? Type "Merry Christmas, you filthy animal. And a Happy New Year." in the comments below!

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