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UFODI News: UFO Dropping Sparks-Molton Metal Appears Over Tom Creek Rd. Marion,N.C.06/Dec2013


Location: Tom Creek Rd. Marion,: 06/Dec/2013 Link: 1 of Sparks and Molton metal falling from bright orbs in the sky!!!!Witness Statement: Just got in from a trip,unloading luggage and saw video is a half mile down the were in a series of total of six would fade out and more would start my parents and know that where these started, there are not any access roads in that mile,maybe 3/4 mile away in hills going to the very last one was huge,it started closer to the backside of a peak near drove to the game warden's house on the lake near by to check with strange.

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    TLWINDER January 22, 2014 12:36:47 AM CET

    this may be the worst camera work I have ever seen - EVER!! Good lord man, could you show us what the hell your seeing, maybe zoom in some, and stop shaking the damn camera so much!!! this video has to be over 3 mins just so you can see 15 seconds of a distant glowing circle(s). stupid.

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