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Karma Hits Thief In Bogota As He Runs Into A Bus

A would-be robber had a lucky escape after he was struck by a bus, moments after he snatched a woman's mobile incident happened in the Colombian city of Bogota, and was captured on man escaped with only minor injuries, while his victim's mobile phone was returned to steals woman's phone at Colombian bus and is immediately run over as he races in front of the next one to arriveThief wrestles phone from victim's grasp before rushing out of bus stationImmediately hit by bus which sends him flying as passengers watchVictim helped mugger after collision and retrieved her hapless mugger was lucky to escape with his life after being hit by a bus seconds after stealing a woman's thief was trying to make his getaway when he ran out of the bus station and straight in front of the oncoming footage showed the mugger being sent flying by the collision before falling between the bus and the glass of the building, in Bogota, recovered the stolen phone from the mugger who was taken to hospital. Police say the man had a history of theft, and that he was prosecuted when he left CCTV footage showed the man approaching the woman from behind before grabbing her then wrestles with her, before eventually tugging the phone from her grasp and rushing through the exit doors.

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