Reptilian-Human Hybrid Alien Autopsy

  • Uploaded by DualGamma on Jan 16, 2014
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An autopsy video of a human-reptilian hybrid that died, presumably due to complications at birth illustrating the differences between alien and human DNA and the cruelty and callousness of Genetic Engineering committed by the Reptilian Cabal, be it in Genetically Modified Mutant Superfoods to turn humans into fat, docile livestock or the Genetic Modification of humans through the guise of so-called stem-cell research, cancer therapy and in-vitro fertilization that seeks to create a master race of pure reptilians by using humans as breeding stock. The Reptilian Agenda have been trying to do this master scheme of genetically modifying humans into alien brood mares since the Nazi regime in Germany during WW2 and are close to succeeding. This video shows that from every life they ruin they learn more and more. Don't give them the chance. Stop GMO's, Stop Stem-Cell Research and hocus pocus mutation-inducing radioactive cancer therapies. Protect your DNA from the claws of the Reptilian Cabal.

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