BREAKING NEWS: (NIBIRU) Our Solar Twin With Alien Planets Found 2500 LY Away In M67 01-15-2014

The possibility of NIBIRU doesn't sound so far fetched now does it? Could Ancient mans reference to NIBIRU - Binary Twin sun actually be a reference to a distant sun not part of our own solar system but in some far off part of the galaxy. When they refer to our Binary, second sun, or twin could this be what they mean. For the first time in history we have discovered a twin star with an alien planet within it's Orbit, it is a well known fact that mainstream science insists life can only take place around these types of stars although they have shown some give in the last few used under section 107 for reporting and educational purposes to show a point. All credit for original video goes to eso. Original article and video link and HD stock footage under liscense to Darkskywatcher74 by Video Blocks @ Royalty free stock video and audio. Additional Royalty Free Music Provided By Purple Planet @ me @TWITTER: LIVE

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