Spectacular UFO Mothership, Scout UFO Ship spied by Police Chopper, Jan 2014

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13/01/14 - One of my most impressive UFO sightings. I recorded a massive UFO mothership, with two smaller UFOs next to it, at about 3 kilometers, wich means the ship was about 100 to 200 meters long), a low altitude flying disc-shaped object at 200 meters from me, and a helicopter (maybe police or army?) that seemed monitoring these objects. Note that the helicopter landed when the flying disc was going towards it, maybe to check it?

I went to my car, I tried to find the location, I went in the streets where the disc was, but NOTHING. So don't tell me "why didn't you check...", that's what I did for about 1 hour, in my Jeep, looking for an eventual landing, but I just saw the helicopter flying away.

6 witnesses were with me during the sighting. For once I'm not the only one seeing these UFOs!

Type ➫ Massive object w/ 2 small ships, small flying disc
Scale ➫ Grey object: 100/200 m.long (500 feet), 5-10 m. (20 feet)
Duration ➫ ~2 minutes
Color(s) ➫ Grey, silver
Light(s) ➫ None
Speed ➫ Slow
Filmed with ➫ iPhone 5S

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