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Researcher Sequences Bigfoot DNA

  • Uploaded by DualGamma on Jan 16, 2014
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Dr. Melba Ketchum announced in 2013 that the elusive Bigfoot is not only real but that herself and other scientists with The Sasquatch Genome Project have cracked its DNA code. "Bigfoot, it turns out, is real," MacCallum declared. She declared grainy images of the illusive North American primate "real" and said that the SGP researchers have made great strides in investigating the "bigfoot human hybrid creature." Dr. Melba Ketchum said that she was skeptical that the creature even existed before she devoted her career to debunking the sasquatch myth. Ketchum said that there are "thousands" of bigfoot in the wilderness. "We're looking at these pictures they're very interesting," MacCallum said skeptically. "I think some people might say it looks like a costume but you say it is not." Ketchum said that forensic DNA testing reveals that the creatures her group has discovered are not humans. She added that four labs in the U.S. tested saliva samples from food traps and discovered striking mitochondrial results before MacCallum cut her off. "I hope you can catch one and bring it back," MacCallum said. "Thank you very much, Doctor. Interesting work."

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