Hunter Called 911 before Shooting Bigfoot

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Professional Bigfoot hunter Rick Dye, The hunter who shot and killed bigfoot, apparently called the local game commission and the police that he had lured bigfoot using Walmart pork ribs before he shot and stuffed him. Apparently neither group turned up due to "foggy conditions" and "smoke in the area" which is strange seeing as they should have responded to such things anyway. Clearly they were both paid to ignore any bigfoot sightings, adding credence to the anti-bigfoot conspiracy that exists in America. Dyer told a Texas news station that he shot Bigfoot in a wooded area outside of San Antonio. The event occurred "in a wooded area on the northwest side near Loop 1604 and Highway 151 in early September 2012." So if he shot the creature in 2012, why is it just making news now? Dyer has spoken about his successful Bigfoot hunt in the past, but claims that a dispute over ownership of the body kept it out of his hands until now. Dyer said that a lab in Washington has verified the body. "Every test that you can possibly imagine was performed on this body from DNA tests to 3D optical scans to body scans," Dyer said. "It is the real deal." So what made Dyer's hunt in 2012 more successful than all of his others: Walmart pork ribs. He claims that he nailed some to a tree near his tent and before long, Bigfoot was munching on them. Stunned by Bigfoot's brazen behaviour, Dyer allegedly filmed a video of the creature with his cellphone and phoned the local gaming council and police station to make the claim of capturing a live bigfoot but they did not come to the scene. Bigfoot then left for a time, but the aroma of the pork ribs proved to be too enticing. When the creature returned a second time, he shot him then rented a truck and transported Bigfoot's corspe to an undisclosed location. Bolstered by what he said are conclusive results from the DNA laboratory, Dyer plans to hold a news conference in the near future. He will then display the body and share the lab results with the world. Dyer is currently planning a tour of the United States, Mexico and Canada. For a small fee, the public will be permitted to view Bigfoot. No word yet on whether the Bigfoot tour will come through Salt Lake City.

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