One World Trade Center Haunted by Ghosts of 9/11

  • Uploaded by DualGamma on Jan 16, 2014
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People in New York have recorded wailing sounds coming from the One World Trade Center which echo from the building at random times. Some have commented that it sounds like an echo of jet engines and vibrating glass, is this perhaps a memory resonance in the fabric of spacetime from the infamous attacks on the twin towers on September 11th 2001? Is this proof of a parallel dimension, out of sync with our own, transmitting information of powerful events from the past to the present? Are the spirits of the people who died in this tragedy, and therefore others like it, also out of sync in this resonance in another dimension? Could they be contacted and the past be altered or are all timelines, in every dimension, one way paths? These mysteries generate yet another field of paranormal study.

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