Global Spraying - Weather Modification Going Mainstream - It's All Very Funny

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Piecing together pieces from the Colbert Report talking to a weather modification mad scientist, Al Gore on Ellen and a clip from NPR- The Mad Scientist Climate engineers never talk about the historic reality that the Earth's temperature is always changing and there were periods where there was no air pollution being created by humans which were much warmer- that wouldn't suit their agenda of spraying our air with poison, or taxing us. Funny, how the solution to all our problems is killing more of us, and taxing us more.. why does that not surprise me. The traitorous weather modification mad scientists love to ignore both the Medieval Warm period and the Holocene - because those periods in time do not fit their fear-mongering agenda- because both were warmer than now. The mad scientists also do not like to look at data showing other planets are warming at the same rate Earth is currently- which would indicate that it is a temporary solar cycle creating any warming we are experiencing currently, not CO2. The Mad scientists who want to spray us with acid also ignore the fact that there is no correlation historically between CO2 levels and global temperatures.. Who cares is plants need sunglight? Who cares if Sulfuric Acid kills people? We need to start spraying our air right away: even though scientists admit if we start doing this and mis-judge anything the results will be "catastrophic". When is the last time you heard one of these climate change mad scientist cult members mention the Medieval Warm period, or the fact that the Earth has NEVER STAYED THE SAME TEMPERATURE EVER? Clips used: Al Gore on Ellen: David Keith on Colbert: NPR Talks about Spraying our air to save us:

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