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Richard Shaver Interview 1956 (The Shaver Mystery)

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Published on Jan 17, 2014

Long John Nebel Interviews Richard Shaver 1956 (The Dero & Shaver Mysteries)

Richard Sharpe Shaver (October 8, 1907 Berwick, Pennsylvania -- c. November 1975 Summit, Arkansas) was an American writer and artist.

He achieved notoriety in the years following World War II as the author of controversial stories which were printed in science fiction magazines (primarily Amazing Stories), in which he claimed that he had had personal experience of a sinister, ancient civilization that harbored fantastic technology in caverns under the earth. The controversy stemmed from the claim by Shaver, and his editor and publisher Ray Palmer, that Shaver's writings, while presented in the guise of fiction, were fundamentally true. Shaver's stories were promoted by Ray Palmer as "The Shaver Mystery".

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