'Vampire of Macondo': First book to reveal BP Gulf Oil Human Rights Abuses

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'Vampire of Macondo: Life, crimes and curses in south Louisiana on the Gulf of Mexico that powerful forces do not want you to know' - by Deborah DuprThe first and only book revealing genocide of Americans by the petrochemical-military- industrial complex; how BP's Deepwater Horizon oil catastrophe sickened and killed thousands of Gulf of Mexico Coast people and government covered it up. Hear heart-rending cries of the victims. Read thoroughly documented evidence of crimes by Big Oil, military, seafood and tourism industries,health care providers, and corrupt government of Macondo exposes far more than media, BP, the government or courts are telling about the historic Gulf oil catastrophe that began Earth Day, 2010 and continues destroying human life and the environment. This event is by United Nations definition, a crime against humanity, as detailed in Vampire of People Are Saying about VAMPIRE OF MACONDO"Deborah Dupr's personal encounters with graceful southern Louisiana life and petrochemical-military-industrial thugs will transform your perspective on our fossil fuel addiction. Empowering!" JIM HIGHTOWER, Political Commentator"Excellent chronicle of one of the saddest and most tragic environmental abuses in USA history. -- HUGH KAUFMAN, senior engineer and a former chief investigator for EPA Ombudsman's office "Brings the epic tragedy of the Deepwater Horizon disaster down to the human level. -- MICHAEL RIVERO, "What Really Happened?" Talk Show Host"Weaves the Gulf Oil operation technicalities with residents' struggle for a voice about the censored human health, marine life, and seafood catastrophe worsening daily." - ROSALIND PETERSON, Agriculture Defense Coalition, "Vampire of Macondo is the shocking truth victims of their government's war against its own people and peoples worldwide. It is not only recommended reading for Americans. It is even more recommended reading and a stern warning for anyone in nations like the Philippines, Vietnam, South Korea, Laos, Myanmar, and people anywhere, where the is exporting its particular brand of freedom, democracy, security and human she has done her work meticulously enough to place responsibility where it belongs." - Dr. Chrisof Lendmann, Clinical PsychologistExcerpt:"'Today, when I see people arguing about the Republican or Democratic party, it's almost as bad as seeing two teenage girls arguing about which one of those Twilight guys they like better. They're both bought and paid for,' said Rick Frye at Spill Into Washington in 2010."About Deborah DuprAs a native of New Orleans, Deborah Dupr reports censored human rights news stories. With MS and Education Specialist Graduate Degree from American and Australian universities, Dupr has been a human and Earth rights advocate for over 30 years in the , Vanuatu and Australia. Her unique humanitarian-based research and development work, including in some of the world's least developed and most remote areas, led to her writing human rights news articles to "touch the hearts and minds of more of society," as she says.

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