New planet Earth-sized Jupiter discovered Atmosphere Giant!

  • Uploaded by sundoom on Jan 19, 2014
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The Kepler Space Telescope Robot Planet Hunter Photographer guided by Professor Kippling of the Harvard Smithsonian Outer Space & Beer Institute have discovered an Earth Sized Jupiter around Star Kepler KOI-314 - KOI314c is the 3rd newfound extrasolar planet found within that star system, but it's the first ever Earth sized Gas Giant found! That's pretty cool. It's got the mass the density the makeup the break down to be very special and change the way we look at the disk accretion solar system formation theory. Wow. The Kepler Satellite sure has detected lots of planets, stars and brown dwarfs in our Milky Way Galaxy. Crazy, huh?They say it has an atmosphere hundreds of miles long. But what do I know?God Bless Everyone, y'! Be Cool, stay Major's You can follow me on the facebook if yee tweet at me on the twitter@NewThor

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