Bases Update 009 Fracking, Mind Hacks & Lloyd Pye Tribute

  • Uploaded by goku on Jan 22, 2014
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Major new US Navy insider Mind Control Release, from Jan 13th 2014. This is a major release and is of Major importance. 20 pages in all. This is a Major Threat to us all, and is a MUST Know document collection. We are now ALL Targeted Individuals, and under totall abuse and threat from Gang Stalking "zombie" controlled people. Thanks to Sam Jenkins for this Bases Project update. Document available o Before its News. A feature on Fracking and the Two types of water, both being destroyed with Fracking, effecting the Elite and Sacred energy sites, with Maria Wheatley, and a 'Not Recorded' section on Real Crop Circles by research veteran Busty Taylor, only the immediate after section remains. News on Lloyd Pye since his passing, and an Ammach archive tribute to him, with thanks to Belinda MacKenzie. lloyd was contacted the day before he left London by an ET source who wanted him tom take some healing from them. He declined, took the flight home, and passed away 2 - 3 weeks later. This news of his request for his partner to continue his work, is given to us from a source who contacted Belinda. May Lloyd's work continue.

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