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FUKUSHIMA: What's it gonna take to WAKE PEOPLE UP?! [Rad Chick]

*** Published on Nov 9, 2013 *** http://www.youtube.com/user/ichicax4

Here's a nice compilation making it's way around social media. Please help it along for those who still don't get it.

I do want to mention that the estimation from Tepco that 300 tons of contaminated water are flowing into the Pacific each day is way too low. Anywhere from 1000-4000 tons flow through the site daily, along with 3-400 tons that Tepco is pouring. How does the bulk of that water magically avoid the corium lava-field underground? I don't think it does. So the worst case, which should ALWAYS be assumed in a radiological accident with wide implications for public health, and in this case contamination of the entire Pacific Ocean, is that 10x more contaminated water than what Tepco states is flowing into the Pacific. Possible as much as 4000 tons, not 300 as indicated in this video or the 'official story".
- Rad Chick -

**For more in-depth info about the current status of Fukushima and the Pacific Ocean
see James Fetzer of "The Real Deal" interviews Leuren Moret: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Dd0U_vwdtt8

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