NY cops bloody old man for jaywalking

The City of New York has announced a crackdown on the crime known as "Jay Walking", or walking across the street randomly, not in a designated pedestrian crosswalk. People who inappropriately walk this way are now being issued summons to appear in court. Deblasio says these measures are necessary in order to stop car accidents throughout the city. Recently, Kang Wong, an 84 year old Chinese man, was crossing the street in the wealthy "upper west side" district of Manhattan, and was confronted by police. A Fordham University law student, who witnessed the event said "cops started running in from everywhere." The elderly man was beaten by a crowd of officers who ran at him. He was soon covered in blood. The police took Wong to a local hospital, where he was handcuffed to a bed while receiving medical treatment, before being taken to jail. Mr. Wong and his family they intend to file a lawsuit against the New York City Police department for what they say is a clear case of extreme police brutality.

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