Ex-ISIL man reveals torture in name of 'prison jihad' Syria

A former member of the al-Qaeda-linked group so-called Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIL), who has defected from the terrorist organization, has unveiled his criminal activities as an ISIL-commissioned prison warden and ordered to lash all male and female inmates under the label of "prison jihad." The recently-defected ISIL mercenary, who is a native of an Arab country, stated in an interview with the Iraq-based Akhbar Al Aan TV network that after being dispatched to Syria by ISIL elements, he was assigned by the group's emir to serve as a jail warden rather than going to the battle fronts. He emphasized that he was ordered to beat all prisoners whether man or woman. "I did not interrogate the inmates and the detainees and never asked them any questions; rather I just beat them," he said, adding that he would never forget the experience. He further said, "I gave some of the individuals (inmates) 80 lashes and others 40 lashes; it did not matter make a difference for me if they were female or male since this was called Jihad in prison." According to press reports, the terrorist groups required women and girls to wear face veil and gloves and made closure of shops before the call for prayer and praying in mosques mandatory for all in areas under their control in Syria's northeastern region of Raqqa.

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