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New fatwa calling for women to pleasure Militants Syria

Damascus (the world) -24/01/2014- latest advisory opinion of the so-called marriage Jihad in Syria, which has issued a number of advocates of Wahhabism incitements considerable debate on the legality of issuing such fatwas that what was revealed by God for them, even became the subject of ridicule and scarce among many. The fatwa calling for women to move towards the Syrian territory in order to exercise a special type of jihad, the enjoyment of any armed groups sexually for a few hours in order to encourage them to fight. It was reported that dozens of girls and women more than 13 Tunisian girl responded to this fatwa, it raised a lot of angry reactions from civil society, which he considered as a breach of the values ​​of religion, human rights and women. The Ministry of Religious Affairs in Tunisia issued a statement condemning the fatwa and considers non-binding for the Tunisians, and require the fatwa exceeded girls ages fourteen years of age, and because they are Muslim. I tried some Western newspapers and Arabic to promote the idea that this matter is made flags of the Syrian regime, but the video we are introducing visitors to the site to prove the evidence conclusive that it is reality, and it's another crime added to a series of crimes, the advocates of so-called jihad all kinds in Alsoeria even Balinkah or more exactly Adultery and all sorts of vices. In September 2013 a male and a Tunisian Interior Minister that the Tunisians went to Syria and had sex. The video that you see is not intended rumor indecency, but rather reflect the reality masquerading as her other on the coverup, showing the extent of arrogance and ugliness perpetrated by criminal gangs and murder in Syria under the cloak of religion, where they trade girls Amovlat them in one day without a care even the most basic religious values ​​and humanitarian as well as about the legal boundaries that govern such practices. After this, is it worth exporters such opinions to be imams of the Muslims take them bo, and ask about religion, but they are imams heresy and error and the loss to the nation, which is the reality of it due to the genius of those in the invention of the fatwas what was revealed by God for them ...

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