Supply lines of US-led forces remain blocked in Pakistan

  • Uploaded by grimghost on Jan 24, 2014
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These are activists of Pakistan Tehreek Insaaf or Justice Party, a nationalist political party governing northwestern province of Pakistan. For last two months, they are on high alert to ensure that no truck carrying weapons and food supplies for U-S led forces passes through northwestern routes of the country. The ruling alliance of nationalists and religious parties in Khyber Pukhtoonkhawa province have resisted pressure from the European Union, the US and more significantly from Pakistan's own federal government in Islamabad to lift the blockade of the supply linec. The US has come under under growing and intense pressure to stop the deadly drone attacks. The frequency of illegal drone strikes has declined since the blockade of the supply lines came into effect in November last year. The blockade of supply line in Pakistan is disrupting the withdrawal of heavy equipment of US-led forces from Afghanistan back to their countires. Analysts say, that if blockage continues, the US might have to leave behind much of heavy military equipment in Afghanis tan

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