14 Unusual Uses for Snow for Preppers Survivalists in case of SHTF Scenario!

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Don't let all that Snow get you Down - there are many ways it can be used in a survival pinch! :) Please feel free to add more ideas! :)1. Water/drinking2. Makeshift Freezer3. Build a shelter ( igloo or snow cave)4. Pour hot maple syrup from boiled maple sap over snow for maple taffy5. Make a snow pack to reduce inflammation/swelling in sore knees or Reduce fever in a snow bath7. numb skin with snow before an injection or cutting into skin8. transport heavy objects on packed snow on sled or sleigh or skiis9. throw people off your track wih fake tracks or footprints to nowhere10. leave message in snow like SOS11. see if someone has trespassed by their footprints12. flush a toilet with buckets of melted for houses or barns14. insulation for gardens before a deep freezeDon't eat snow because of increased risk of hypothermia and snowflakes are formed around a particle of dust or dirt or pollution so treat snow as you would any unknown water source. Filter it, purify it, boil it warm everyone! :) I'm freezin'! Someone turn up the heat please ;)To your health, longevity and peace of mind,The Healthy Prepper :-) Subscribe! If you would like to see more videos simply click the subscribe button :) You Tube Channel: on Videos: to see all our videos :)Click on Playlists to see videos organized by subject matter. :) GOFoods Emergency Survival Food: Get it and forget it:To order a free sample of 12 servings of GO Foods, visit Our Recommendations:: to find many hard to find prepping items. Follow us on: Facebook: Google Plus: +HealthyPrepperTwitter: : Comments: I am thoroughly intrigued by your thoughts and ideas on my videos and welcome all comments. They inspire me and keep me thinking! Together we build better mousetraps.

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