Msting Crater Mystery - The Untold Apollo 12 Story (narrated)

I apologize for the sound-level. On Youtube it has become more of a whisper. When you download it and play the file on any mediaplayer or on your IPAD it should work just friends,Six and a half years ago, I received a personal message from a man who called himself John. He had a most remarkable, too fantastic story but I believed video is about his discovery. was on November 18, in the year 1969, that he witnessed something that according to his own words, changed his life completely. While watching B/W coverage of the Apollo 12 mission on the Armed Forces Vietnam Network (AFVN) he saw something very interesting and peculiar. He asked around if anyone else had seen it but his friends, started to make fun of him and they said; You probably have seen "the man in the moon"! John knew very well what he had seen and it was not a man in the Moon. This was bigger, much much bigger: some miles long and miles high to be for what people might think of him and also that no one would ever believe him, John kept silent till 2007. That same year he stumbled upon my research and shared his secret. I promised him that I would help revealing the truth and really would have loved to show him that he had not been hallucinating, that his discovery is real but before I had found the original film (March 2011) and other video material, John had died of age. In the years that followed I continued performing my research into his discovery and now our project is finished and time has come to share his secret with everyone!"Those in the know" kept their lips shut for 44 years about this for mankind "historical moment" and I am NOT referring to the Apollo 12 video hopefully will contribute to boost disclosure as it certainly will make some people very nervous and NASA will have some explaining to do. Don't you agree?Did NASA know about this object prior the Apollo 12 mission? YES and there is evidence to prove that. This will uploaded soon!For the really interested, here are 6 very "revealing" pictures for you to download:Click on - normal image size - right click on the image - save Special message for some members at: Above Top Secret!Sorry that I underestimated the level of intelligence of most ATS Crater (is hole in the Moon with a rim)2. Crater with flat terrain (flat means no big rocks)3. Watch movies: AFVN, NASA black & white, and also in colour4. Crater (see 1) shows object on top of crater edge ... yes? If not buy glasses!5. Old and new photos from NASA show nothing on crater Conclusion: videos have object but photos have no Question: where is object?8. The object has been marked in yellow and image is here:

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