Secret Nuclear Weapons Facility in Iran

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Iran has the capability to stockpile hundreds of long range nuclear missiles. See for yourself with Google Earth Coordinates: Fardow Nuclear Site: 34°52'59.45"N , 50°59'53.03"E Secret Nuclear Enrichment Site: 34°56'37.52"N, 50°45'28.48"E Missile and Warhead Development Complex: 34°56'23.97"N, 50°43'56.38"E Central Missile Depot: 34°55'46.58"N, 50°44'53.47"E Primary Missile Silos: 34°54'52.05"N, 50°48'13.37"E Missile Garages: 34°53'11.80"N, 50°48'40.30"E Large Airstrip: 34°58'54.43"N, 50°48'15.27"E High Voltage Towers (For gas-centrifuges): 34°56'31.64"N, 50°42'14.56"E Satellite imagery from Google Earth of underground nuclear facilites in Iran, approximately 15 miles Northwest of the previously revealed facility at Fordow. The new site, is approximately 14 miles long and 7.5 miles wide, consisting of two facilities built deep into a mountain along with a nearby missile facility with over 380 missile garages and silos, surrounded by barbed wire, 45 security towers and several security posts. Last week, the head of Iran's Atomic Energy Organization, in a hasty and unusual press conference, denied the existence of this site Iran ratcheted up its vitriol against Israel and the United States over the weekend, warning that an attack on the Islamic regime's nuclear facilities could lead to global war. "Iran will not stand by in the face of such aggression," Ali Ahani, Iran's ambassador to France, said according to the Islamic regime's PressTV. "This can entail a chain of violence that may lead to World war III. A potential Israeli attack against Iran with an objective of destroying its scientific and nuclear facilities is sheer madness. Its consequences are disastrous and uncontrollable." The deputy chief of staff of Iran's armed forces, Brig. Gen Masoud Jazayeri, warned the United States on Saturday that Iran would continue its nuclear program. "We would not trade off our rights," he said, adding that Iran would stand with North Korea in its faceoff with America. It is shocking to see how close Iran really is to producing not just one, but possibly hundreds of nuclear weapon in such a heavily fortified and well supplied facility.

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